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"Made for Me" Real Cooking Tools for Kids ~


Kids of all ages love our Wavy Chopper, designed and sized especially for them!


Enjoy preparing fancy crinkle-cut carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, or other small vegetables for healthy snacks, salads or soups, with this fun kitchen tool.  Just place hands on top of the easy-to-grip handle, and press straight down steadily, keeping fingers safely away from the blade.


Stainless steel blade, ergonomicly contoured handle

4" X 3" 


Care Instructions: For optimal safety and function, carefully wash by hand in warm water, and dry with a soft cloth. Dishwashing is not recommended.


Caution!  This is not a toy. Our Wavy Chopper has functional sharp edges. Please use with adult supervision only.


Check out our website for fun and easy recipes using the Wavy Chopper!




Wavy Chopper - Make Fancy Vegetables & Homemade French Fries!

$14.95 Regular Price
$7.48Sale Price
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