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My First Chef's Knife

The "My First Chef's Knife" is the perfect culinary gift for your budding young chef.  Made of premium German Stainless Steel, and  unique features such as a rounded tip and heal that safely aids in mastering the 5 basic cutting techniques: slice, dice, mince, julienne, and chiffonade

 My First Chef's Knife - German Stainless Steel - Beginner's Chef Knife for Kids

Prior to first use of all our products, please wash by hand with mild dish soap and warm water, and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Dishwashing is not recommended.

Watch how to use the My First Chef's Knife and the Junior Chef's Knife!

Designed uniquely for the Beginner Chef

with the quality and function of a Professional Chef's Knife

Missing a product piece or need

a new instruction booklet?  Please contact us, and we'll be happy to send you a new one at no additional cost!

CWK girls knife skills_edited.jpg

To keep you Junior Chef's Knife in excellent condition and maintain full cutting potential, we suggest sharpening on a regular basis,  Please watch below tutorial of how to properly sharpen your chef's knife:

knife sharpening how to_edited.jpg
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Children's Chef Knife
My First Chef's Knife detail points Blue
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