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Cooking with Kids cooking classes give young chefs the opportunity to:

  • Learn valuable life skills that will carry with them throughout adulthood

  • Explore new tastes - using only whole, fresh foods

  • Safely learn knife skills based on age and experience

  • Build relationships with peers, working together as a team

  • Reinforce educational skills - math, reading, science and creativity

  • Build a strong foundation for healthy eating


"My son is 10 and attended this camp for the week. He has loved cooking all of his life and he has surpassed my cooking skills. I have been trying to find a class where he does not only get to "open and pour" ingredients, according to him, and this is the one! He felt that the teachers trusted him to do "real cooking" the whole time and was excited to come home each day with food he had made to share with his sisters!


The teachers are supportive and fun. The food they made was AMAZING and Ryan would come home each day wanting try out the skills he had learned in class that day. I would recommend this class to any kid who likes to cook!"   ~Ashly McNamara


"Mateo LOVED his camp week. He did two camps over the summer and has learned so much. He's found his passion and will continue to take cooking classes with Cooking With Kids throughout the school year. The instructors are encouraging, loving, just exceptional! Kelly, thank you for giving Mateo the gift of loving to learn how to cook. He's my chef 👨‍🍳 in the making. See you all in the fall classes."    ~Viviana Qumsia



"My daughter is 7 and she's always liked helping in the kitchen. I thought this would be a fun experience for her to try; not knowing how much she'd get out of it. Well it far surpassed my expectations! She came home everyday with a wonderful meal; even more she was excited to share what she had made. Each day her confidence grew and she now knows she can follow recipes and cook food on her own. She has made sure her Nana's know she can use a knife safely and knows how to cook on burners and use the oven. She has all the recipes from each day in a binder and she loves that she has her own cookbook with recipes I've never made before. The way they come along side the kids and give them the opportunity to take ownership of the entire cooking process is wonderful. The instructors couldn't be nicer and more encouraging to the kids. I will be signing her up for more classes and when her little sister is old enough she'll be taking them as well!"       -Stacy O'Brien


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